Holystoked: India’s Oldest Skateboarding Crew and Skateshop

Skateboarding has come a long way from being a mere pastime to becoming a full-fledged culture that has taken over the world. The journey of skateboarding in India is not different, with the sport slowly gaining traction among the youth. However, there was a time when skateboarding was an unknown entity in the country, and that’s where Holystoked came into the picture.

In 2013, Bangalore, India, Make Life Skate Life undertook its first-ever skatepark project with the support of Levi’s Skateboarding and the local skateboarding community, Holystoked. The project involved the construction of a 350m² skatepark, which was made possible through the efforts of 34 volunteers from around the world. The skatepark was a much-needed addition to the Indian skateboarding scene, as there were limited opportunities for skateboarders to practice and hone their skills. The construction of the skatepark not only provided a space for skateboarders to come together and skate, but it also helped in promoting skateboarding in the country. The efforts of the volunteers, with the support of Make Life Skate Life and Levi’s Skateboarding, and the local community, Holystoked, played a significant role in the development of the skateboarding scene in Bangalore, and it continues to be a popular destination for skateboarders in the city.

Holystoked also started selling skateboards and skateboard accessories. This was a game-changer, as it made skateboarding equipment easily available in the country, which was previously not possible. Holystoked also started to teach young kids how to skateboard, which further helped in promoting the sport in India.Over the years, Holystoked has been at the forefront of the skateboarding scene in India, organizing events, building skateparks, and promoting skateboarding in the country. They have helped create a community of skateboarders, who are passionate about the sport and are always eager to learn more.Today, skateboarding is a growing sport in India, with more and more young people taking up the sport every day. Holystoked played a significant role in bringing skateboarding to the mainstream in the country and creating a community of skateboarders. Their efforts have been recognized globally, with many international skateboarding organizations collaborating with them.In conclusion, Holystoked has been a crucial player in the Indian skateboarding scene, and its contribution to the sport cannot be understated. They have played a significant role in bringing skateboarding to the mainstream in India, and their efforts have been instrumental in creating a community of skateboarders in the country. They continue to be at the forefront of the skateboarding scene in India, and their legacy is sure to inspire generations of skateboarders to come,know more about them by visiting www.holystoked.com and follow them on IG @holystoked





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